Good news….interestingly our meetings have taken a turn……more new folks both to town and entrepreneurship have been coming to learn, network and hear what other’s are doing.

Our last two meetings have had between 5 to 7 new folks, at each meeting….. nice !! 

Our next get together on the 28th will be at the North Co-Op which will change  to the South Co-Op meeting room in March…… Let’s find what works best. I’ll send out a reminder so just watch your e-mails.

The mix of both seasoned and newer entrepreneurs has resulted in some really interesting conversations and deeper dives into resources and potential employment/opportunities. 

We had two of the OSU business school profs at the last meeting which immediately resulted in what will become more use of the OSU makers space, attendance at the film showing, at the Majestic and…….  well you get the idea.

I’d like to continue the challenge for our meetups. Bring us your input on what would you like that would make this meetup a part of your “need to do” agenda….. and bringing someone new, that would be awesome. 

The conversation is all about meeting new and known innovators, talking about our projects, what we need, and wants new from the university to the city and more. 

It’s about creating a dynamic and interactive, supportive community for entrepreneurs with networking, innovation and……just plain having fun.

Feb 14th get together…and not everyone is in the picture…sorry….

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