It is just the way it is! Twitter by John gives me more timely information then what I can find out by joining this group. What gives. Is anyone in charge of the posting the info on Beer and Blog or do we just slog slowly along in our wonderment? John tells me it is tomorrow night, Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm at Block 15 in the game room. Not sure I can make it but damn sure I won't if I don't have the option as no one has posted the scoop!

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If you look at you can get updates about the nearly weekly meetings. There is also a Facebook group at that posts events with more info (sometimes).

I would talk to Loyan about adding the Beer and Blog Twitter RSS feed to this site. I wonder if this group was aimed more towards the yearly WIN meeting and the Beer & Blog that would coincide with that.
I am sure you are correct Jillian but for us old folks who have a difficult time running with you fearless entrepreneurs, we need as many opportunities to get the word as we can. Very few over 65 are using Twitter with enjoyment and only a few more then very few over 65 are agile with facebook. Of course these are very scientific terms and measurements and may fall in the category of IMHO but.....I am on the bleeding edge and only survive with the help from folks like Loyan who humors me and drags me along! smile

To me a group is a group is a group regardless of how often or where and when it meets.
Jillian's got the right idea. Feeding info from Twitter into this group doesn't create any more work beyond the initial setup. Done.

I would love to see this group be a place for Beer and Blog to share stuff year round. But...I think Beer in Blog is due for a few tall shots of tequila first. I'm hoping to get the local SAO chapter involved. Perhaps even...a budget!
You have now really confused the old timer Loyan. I thought the group name was Beer and Blog and now I have to figure out a way to put beer IN my blog! Damn. Keeping up with technology is making me tired. I need a nap. smile Tweet me master I am a slave to technology and can't get my value to add! Budget are good but money is even is always about the money, unless it isn't!
Ok Loyan, this smart site allows me and times me to edit but when I go to edit the reply it takes me only to the original discussion piece. More NING training for me is required. I didn't add an "s" after the word budget and it makes me look like I can't communicate in real English! I know I have only 14 minutes left to edit my comment but with the pressure on, I can't figure out how to!!!!! Oh the worry it creates to my image! smile
Its OK Bill. I like you more if you are imperfect (like me) than if you were perfect.
Can't agree with you about money Bill. Making money is just a way to achieve a higher level goal like helping deaf people tele-communicate by phone or simply smiling.
Of course you can agree with me about money it is just that you don't want to. If you read the comment very carefully, you will see that I covered (or intended to) my comment by adding "except when it isn't." In your example, which is very hard to argue with from my standpoint, it is a good example of when it isn't! I rest your case as usual but anyhow, you didn't explain how to edit which was the question I was asking! What gives? Also, I think money is way different than "just a way to achieve a higher level goal." To me it is a vehicle to be used to improve ones flexibility and protect ones options. The harder question is how much is enough and how to be a good steward of the monetary resources one had accumulated should one be so luck to have accumulate some beyond what is needed for the bare necessities of life. To answer the question, "how can I afford this lifestyle?" The answer rests in what kind of a lifestyle is it that you are trying to afford." Some bite off more then they can chew. Some don't mind eating lower on the food chain for a healthier lifestyle. In our great country it is kind of whatever floats your boat. You are free to choose.
Sorry I missed your question about editing comments. Once you submit it you have 15 minutes to edit it.

To edit your comment click on the comment text and it will turn into a form box where you can edit. When you are done just click the save button.
Thanks as usual Loyan. I will give it a try. I saw that I had a time limit but it didn't also tell me where to click.

Maybe I will make a stupid mistake on purpose in this reply to your instruction and see if your instruction really works or it is just your way of leading the technologically impaired on a wild goose chase.

Thanks for all the good things you do for our community.

Yep, it worked as you have outlined above. You are a true techo-geek!



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