Wow does one learn a lot over at OSU. I was there today for the OSU loss to WSU and it was very painful as well as educational. I had a good long talk with one of the key organizers of WIN and one more time I got to argue my case against these damn little wasteful buttons the committee purchased for WIN 2009 and then again mistakenly, I thought, for WIN 2010. But wait! These are neither wasteful nor worthless.  Once a business professor and marketing genius took me aside and argued with me the finer points of branding, I completely understand their position and agree with it!  These are NOT buttons for advertising that arrived too late to be useful in promoting each year's WIN, they are branding buttons that are useful all year around to let people know that WIN stands for Willamette Innovators Network unlike the misspelled title at the top of this page! Loyan!!!!!!! smile Change it please or teach me to spell..

Now that I have been educated and understand the difference between branding and advertising, I fully support the little tiny WIN buttons and LOVE them. Still not sure about the stickers but will save commenting  for a later discussion!

Way to go Mark and crew. Great job on educating an old Marine. I appreciate all you do. Great seeing you today and looking forward to working with you now that I am the Interim Director for Economic Development for the Corvallis-Benton Chamber Coalition.....hmmm anyone else hate those stickers?

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Lets add some fuel to that fire...

What stickers?!
OH PLEASE! You were the one who said I not only love the butttons but would also love the stickers! I looked for them knowing that one more time, the committee, had wasted my sponsorship fee on a bunch of worthless crap. I found them only because you or Sheri Dover or or or or someone in the know just knew they could get a rise out of me. They were the ones that were around that you were supposed to add to your already guady name tags that said things like, "Sizzle", "Connector", "Presenter" on and on and on and on and on...someone put Sizzle on me because they just knew I was burned up about the total waste. But now that I know it was all part of the Branding Effort and is part of the mission to capture the spirit of creativity, I am totally fine with it. I really understand and appreciate it. It becomes all a matter of perspective. It really was an outstanding event and I predict it will be even better next year as we narrow the focus more on high tech!!!!! Technology Rocks. It isn't growth for growth's sake at pointed out in the G/T editorial today it is renewable and we need JOBS folks. Prosperity that Fits! Go get 'em Loyan
Damnit! I'm making it too easy. Your onto me Bill.
I be smelling you stink, skunk man. The BATMAN know, what up! Branding without spelling is like rice without white....or is it really Wilamette or maybe Willamete? Huh? What is it? WiN button and sticker man? Help me out here.



WIN is focused on helping the small and mid-sized traded sector companies grow and be profitable.

We will work with other groups to help the business ecosystem.  These groups include Willamette Angel Conference, OSU Venture Accelerator, City of Corvallis Economic Development, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, Technology Association of Oregon along with others.

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